Wednesday, July 10, 2013


It was on July 8, 2000 at the Chapel of Resurrection University of Ibadan when i said "I DO" before God, men & women of God and hundreds of relations and friends to a smashing, slim, graceful, Ibadan-born and Ijebu-Ode rooted damsel,Sharon Titilope Ajimotokan Ighilej Just like a flash, thirteen years have been swallowed up in vision, true love, dignity of purpose and Christ-like affection. Truly, when God is in a matter, there is bound to be proofs.Thank you, faithful father!

Sunday, May 26, 2013


I recall vividly around 8.00pm on April 30, 2003 at the University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria, when some nurses and a consultant signaled to me to come into the delivery room to behold a gift from God. A boy very big from day 1 smiled into life. From that day on, Majesty Efosa has been a source of Joy to the family. Glory be to God. Power Osaretin’s story is more dramatic. His mother had just concluded her Masters Degree examinations at the University of Ibadan on 18th May 2006. Because she  was still having some days to relax before delivery date, and also considering the exam stress, I took her to UCH to rest for some days. Meanwhile, I had two major functions for Saturday 20th May 2006: As the national pastor for training and manpower development Living Spring Chapel International, I had some training sessions with some ministers in a certificate course. I also had 20 books to review that day in a book launch in honour of Rev. Oniya. When I was through with the day’s hectic job, I decided to go to University College Hospital to visit Sharon Baby. It was on my way to the hospital, in company of some pastoral assistants that we received a call from madam herself that POWER had been born some fews earlier!. His first few years were challenging but God has used his life to demonstrate that POWER PASS POWER
As Majesty Ighile  stood today (around 10.00am)  before a  congregation of more than 2, 000 adults at the Redeemer’s University Chapel to recite two poems composed by him and his brother, Power, all I could say was “Thank you, Jesus”.
As if that was not enough, later in the evening, precisely between 4.00pm and 6.30 pm, a professionally co-ordinated birthday party for Majesty and Power took place in our residence at the Redemption Camp. And about  a hundred people made up of mostly children and some adults graced the occasion.

Father, you have started well with YOUR children, lead them to old age in Jesus Name. 


I feel sad  for Nigeria. In fact, I am ashamed of this country. As I listened to the news and monitored the electoral process and the response, I began to shed tears for this nation. What brand of leaders are we having today? Even secondary schools and undergraduates do better. Claims and counter-claims over a simple and substantially clear electoral procedure? When we were entering the University in the mid 1980s, we pictured a country where the leaders would ultimately power the resources and thereby make us the pride of Africa. But what do we see today: Executive governors lacking executive  and political decorum?. Even governors cannot conduct elections among themselves. Even serving governors find it difficult to accept obvious defeat. Before we pray for fame for this country, let us concede this national shame. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

This mystery called greatness

What is greatness all about? Why do some leaders behave funny in order to be seen as great? Is greatness a concept, a reality or simply a catchword for continous improvement? Greatness is  essentially a mystery. This is because; a truly great person is made by God. In other words, it is the Lord Almighty who can empower an individual to become outstanding. When God makes someone great, he gives him the dynamic force to be a blessing to others. Moreover, it is only God who can bless without strings attached.

While it lies within divine purview to make one great, there is also the part of responsibility on the side of the individual.The leader who wants to be great must follow the principles. . In the college of greatness, only the obedient, focused, hardworking, spirit-filled, prayerful and faithful ones get to the top. You don’t do it as you feel; you do it as it is instructed. Those who do not have goals never score any in the affairs of life. Hard work does not kill, it only refines. All the covenant fathers of greatness, ancient and modern were hard workers, who will you resemble, being pathologically lazy? .

However, at the zenith of greatness- propellers is grace. And the reason for this is not far to seek. It is not your strength that does it, neither is it your skill. It is God. It is grace that lubricates your efforts and turns them into outstanding success. It is grace that makes the results of a day’s labour supersede that of a decade. It is grace that makes you glow in glory instead of being a professional story-teller. It is grace that makes the difference. See you on the platform of true greatness

Sunday, July 8, 2012

12 years of marital bliss to God's glory

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Rising rose of romance on the corridor of affection,
Adding a voice to the song of the heart.
We met on the streets of the pen
Where arrows dangle on new events.....
Until we became the news and headline of total love
And then it happened. The sun and the moon fused into one big STAR
A cross-cultural toast to true relationship...
I flag a bunch of flowers for the tender soul
Who crossed the sea and dared the sharks for love
I pay homage to the queen of my mansion,
And the river of my expression...